Slips, Trips and Falls


Slips, trips and falls (STFs) are some of the most common injuries in the workplace accounting for more than a quarter of total claims. In 2018, STFs caused 900,380 nonfatal work injuries, with 27% of the claims resulting in days away from work and over 700 fatalities. No matter what industry you are in, slip, trip and fall hazards are all around. Add wintery conditions and you get the potential for a major accident. Now is the time to ensure your employees can recognize and avoid the unsafe conditions that could lead to a STF.


Attached to this Safety Alert is an OSHA training publication. This two-page article is a great way to open the discussion to STF safety. Use the information to talk with your employees about the potential hazards they could face. While thinking about slips, trips and falls, also think about how implementing a safety-shoe policy might benefit your company.


For those who would prefer a PowerPoint, below is a link to an OSHA presentation over STFs.


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