February Alert






For many people working in the agricultural industry, noisy areas are an everyday challenge. Many times, the noise from running machinery is so loud, verbal communication is almost impossible. Hand signals were developed as an alternate method of communication, but they varied too much from business to business. The American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE) recognized this problem and adopted eleven uniform hand signals for agricultural safety. These hand signals were developed to provide an easy means of communication, particularly in the interest of safety. It is also worth noting that often times the spotter on the ground may only have the use of one arm. For this reason, all but one of the signals require only one arm. Hand signals can save time and prevent accidents. In this safety alert, you will find the eleven hand signals adopted by ASAE. It is recommended that you demonstrate these signals to your employees, and then have your employees practice the signals back. In order for these hand signals to be effective, everyone has to understand what message is trying to be communicated.

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