March Alert






“Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.” This saying is drilled into the head of every Marine during boot camp. By starting slow and concentrating on completing the task correctly, it allows you to develop the muscle memory you will need to complete the same task faster. Watch any great athlete and you will see the same thing. During practice and warm ups, they take their time and work on fundamentals. They do not rush through their steps. They want everything perfect. When it is game time then they pick up the speed. This saying does not just apply to Marines or athletes, it is something that we can use in our safety program as well. By moving carefully and deliberately, you can move as fast as you can without putting yourself or your team members at risk. Being rushed also increases the chances of careless mistakes and can distract you from recognizing the hazards that you might face. Hurrying through a job or task can result in you being rushed to the hospital. If the task, job, or assignment is not finished on time, it will still be there for you to finish. Your fingers or an arm might not be. Which is more important to you?