2015 Cotton Gin Safety Initiative Winner Announced!

AgriTrust of Georgia has announced Sconyers Gin of Sycamore as the winner of the 2015 Cotton Gin Safety Initiative.  The Cotton Gin Safety Initiative is a program conducted by AgriTrust, a self-insured workers’ compensation fund that services agribusinesses in the state of Georgia, to encourage safety training by its cotton gin members.  Winners receive a $2,000 check if they
had no lost time claims during the ginning season.
Sconyers Gin was founded over 60 years ago by Cortez H. Sconyers and is currently owned by the Cortez Henderson Sconyers Charitable Trust.  Mrs. Sconyers had a strong desire to give back to her community and farmers.  As a result, each year scholarships are awarded to Sconyers Gin’s farmers and their immediate families who wish to further their education.  Also, each year Mrs. Sconyers’ beloved Sycamore United Methodist Church, the Boy Scouts of America and the Turner County Health Department receive donations.  Sconyers values their employees and their personal safety comes first.  The gin has implemented safety training and initiatives so that all of their employees are knowledgeable and able to help prevent accidents.  Sconyers Gin plans on using the prize money to treat all of their employees and their significant others to dinner and to purchase new safety videos for their training meetings.