Working Outdoors Fact Sheet


Technically, summer does not start until later this month, but if you ask someone who works outside, you might hear a different answer.  According to Weather Atlas, in June, in Atlanta, the average high temperature is 87.8⁰F. This might not sound too bad, but just reading the thermometer does not tell you how hot it is. I am sure you have heard “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity”; in Georgia it is both. The heat index is what the temperature feels like to the human body when relative humidity is combined with the air temperature. In June, in Atlanta, the average heat index is 99.7⁰F. Below is a chart that can be used determine the heat index if you know the temperature and relative humidity. Please note, the heat index values are for shady locations. If you are exposed to direct sunlight, the heat index value can be increased by up to 15⁰F.

Classification Heat Index                                        Effect on the Body

Caution 80°F - 90°F                          Fatigue possible with prolonged exposure and/or                                                                                            physical activity

Extreme Caution 90°F - 103°F          Heat stroke, heat cramps, or heat exhaustion possible                                                                                  with prolonged exposure and/or physical                                                                                                        activity

Danger 103°F - 124°F                       Heat cramps or heat exhaustion likely, and heat stroke                                                                                  possible with prolonged exposure and/or                                                                                                        physical activity

Extreme Danger 125°F or Higher      Heat stroke highly likely

While the extreme heat is a major hazard summer brings, it is not the only one. The attached article goes into more detail on some of the dangers someone working outdoors might face this time of year.