Sun and Heat Protection

Georgia is a wonderful place to live and work, and our state offers a multitude of landscapes.  From ocean views to rolling hills, and much in between, Georgia’s scenery changes depending on where you are in the state.  There is one thing that does not change – IT IS HOT!  July and August are the hottest months and naturally are the months that have the highest number of heat-related injuries.  During these months, hydration and skin protection are paramount if you are spending a prolonged amount of time outdoors. 

This month’s Safety Alert focuses on things you can do to protect yourself from the sun and about heat illness.  Knowing the dangers and the symptoms of heat injuries is something everyone should lookout for and know.  Enjoy the sun, but do so responsibly.

This month’s Safety Alert information comes from a 1999 Gempler’s Tailgate Training Tip Sheet No. 69 and is still just as relevant today!  Important Tips on Sun Protection in English and Spanish are attached.