April Alert







Imagine walking into the breakroom and there was a fire! What would you do? Would you know how to respond? I know, with the advancement of electrical safety devices like the Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter and Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, the chances of a fire have decreased, and this is not something most people worry about happening. BUT... would you have thrown the bottle of water you were carrying on the fire? That might not be the best thing to do in every circumstance. If you don't believe me, Google search "Grease fire and water." Hopefully, there will be a fire extinguisher available, and you would not have to use water. BUT...do you really know how to use a fire extinguisher? One survey had 13% of the respondents reveal they did not know how to use one. Now is the time to think about how you will respond. Don't wait for a real fire to find out.

The attached safety training covers Portable Fire Extinguishers and is one of the many training topics available from the Ohio State University Extension. Most of these trainings are available in Spanish as well. This is a great resource you can use to improve safety programs. This website is especially nice for those who never know what to discuss!