C.M. Tanner Grocery is Quarterly Safety Initiative Winner

C.M. Tanner Grocery Company, Inc. of Carrollton has been chosen as the First Quarter Winner of the AgriTrust of Georgia Quarterly Safety Initiative. C.M. Tanner Grocery Company, Inc. was founded in 1893 by Mr. C.M. Tanner and is still owned and operated by the Tanner family today.  The wholesale grocery distributor is one of the oldest companies in Carrollton serving its customers for 121 years.  Tanner Grocery has made safety a priority and believes that the well-being and safety of their 21 employees is crucial for being a successful business.   
C.M. Tanner Grocery Company, Inc. plans on using their winnings to give back to the employees to encourage continued workplace safety.  AgriTrust of Georgia has presented Tanner Grocery with a check for $2000.00 for the safety training session, “Cell Phones for Drivers and Warehouse, Lifting and Hand Trucking”, held during the first quarter of 2014. Congratulations to C.M. Tanner Grocery Company, Inc.