4th Quarter Safety Initiative Winner Announced

Walker-Rhodes Tractor Company, Inc. of Perry has been chosen as the Fourth Quarter Winner of the AgriTrust of Georgia Quarterly Safety Initiative. Mr. Cohen Walker established the agricultural equipment retailer in 1947 under the name Gray-Walker Tractor Co.; it became known as Walker-Rhodes Tractor Co. in 1976 and is owned by Mr. Foster Rhodes.

Walker-Rhodes Tractor Co. strives to “Think Safety First” in all jobs and activities. Every vehicle and piece of equipment must be safety ready or it is immediately taken out of use. AgriTrust of Georgia has presented Walker-Rhodes Tractor Co. with a check for $2,000.00 for holding their safety meeting about vehicle and general safety during the fourth quarter of 2016. Walker-Rhodes Tractor Co. is one of over 600 Fund members served by AgriTrust of Georgia in the state.
AgriTrust of Georgia is a group self-insured workers’ compensation fund that provides workers’ compensation insurance coverage for the agricultural industry in the state of Georgia.