Quarterly Safety Initiative Winner

Barksdale Contracting & Supply Inc. traces its roots back to Barksdale Farms which was founded in 1952 by Tuttle W. Barksdale, Sr.  The company changed to Barksdale Contracting & Supply Inc. in 2007 to provide more focus on their efforts in the areas of erosion control, grassing, and land reclamation as it relates to the mining industry.  They serve customers throughout the state of Georgia.
Barksdale Contracting & Supply Inc. is led by Sonny Barksdale.  They have been a longtime AgriTrust of Georgia Fund member dating back to 1994.  Their goal has always been to provide a safe, accident free work environment.  Their employees are their most valuable resource and are like family.  They want everybody to go home at the end of the day to their families.  Congratulations to Barksdale Contracting & Supply Inc.  for providing a safe workplace for their employees for many years and for being the Quarterly Safety Initiative winner for AgriTrust of Georgia.