New Prescription Drug Card Program for Injured Workers

All AgriTrust of Georgia Fund members will be receiving a letter from Carlisle Medical outlining a New Prescription Drug Card Program effective January 2, 2014. These new prescription drug cards will be issued on all new, accepted lost time claims occurring on or after January 2, 2014. Please keep this letter with your other 2014 policy information for reference. AgriTrust and Georgia Administrative Services already have a business relationship with Carlisle Medical by virtue of their service provided for Durable Medical Equipment. Carlisle has demonstrated their ability to save money on prescription drug costs while providing outstanding customer service and we look forward to working with them on the prescription drug card program.
This new program does not change or affect the prescriptions an injured employee is presently receiving or may receive in the future from an authorized treating physician. Please feel free to contact the AgriTrust office at 855/753-0016 or Georgia Administrative Services at 800/507-4622 if you have any questions.