AgriTrust Declares Dividend

The AgriTrust of Georgia Trustees have declared another dividend distribution for the Fund. The 25th dividend declaration is for $600,000.00 and is payable to qualified Fund members on November 15, 2017. AgriTrust will now have returned over $6,525,000.00 in total to qualified Fund members when this latest dividend is paid. Dividend checks will be mailed beginning November 15th.

Dividends payable to qualified Fund members continue to be possible because of the continuing commitment to provide a safe workplace at all times. This commitment to a safe workplace is a continuous, collaborative effort between Fund members, Trustees and AgriTrust staff. AgriTrust also acknowledges and sincerely appreciates the very important role our independent insurance agent friends have had in the ongoing success of the Fund. AgriTrust of Georgia will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2018 and welcomes the opportunity to continue our service to the agricultural industry in Georgia.